Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Insufficiency Illusion.

The world is the way it is because that is the way humans have created it. Its not necessary for the world to be this way, but it's necessary for life to reflect our every thought about. The collective thoughts of the human race and its aggregate ideas from the beginning of time until now, are reflected in the world in which we live.

We have not been able to stop the killing and suffering because we have a killing and suffering mentality.

We believed that killing is justified as a means of resolving our disagreements or getting what we want or think we need.

We have also believed that suffering is a normal part of life. Some of us have even said that it is required by God.

It's from these beliefs that the present human experience has arisen. It's out of these understandings that our elders create their everyday reality - and ours.

We can find a way to get along, to be nice to each other, but it would require us to give up these beliefs and that's not something that those who have come before us have been willing to do.

We shouldn't give up hope, we shouldn't even stop trying to change the world, unless we are satisfied with the world the way it is.

People hate each other because they have the wrong ideas about each other. They also have the wrong idea about life and how it is.

These ideas have become beliefs.

People believe that there's not enough money, not enough food, not enough clothing or shelter to go around. They believe that there's not enough of anything to allow everyone to survive and be happy.

Because people believe this, they think that they've to compete with each other in order to get the stuff of which there's not enough. The illusion of insufficiency is a major illusion of human.

We have turned everything into competitions. Our economies is competition, the winners of which get the most money. Our politics is competition, the winners of which get the most power. Our religions are competitions, the winners of which get the most heavenly rewarded.

Some members even think that there's not enough heaven to go around, so they are competing with each other to get in.

All of this is insane, given that there's enough of everything for everyone. We need to step outside this illusion, by rejecting the idea of insufficiency. We need to share and share grandly.

I basically want to seek a newer world, to create a place where there's no more irrelevance, pointlessness, hypocrisy or separation - which means there would be no more anger between us, no more quarreling and fighting, no more wars.

I want a place where we share and share alike and we don't steal from each other because we don't hoard from each other and we don't grab from each other because we don;t withhold from each other and we don't hurt each other because we know that when we do that, we only hurt ourselves.

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